Fishing for Deer. One early fall afternoon me and a few friends went fishing on the Tennessee River in Alabama. I was walking up and down the bank using a 3/8 spinner bait. I had made a cast and had gotten hung up on a log or something. When I went to break my line I felt whatever I was hung on give away from the floor of the river. I started pulling my line in and all of a sudden these antlers just came out of the water. And the rest of the body followed it was a large eight point buck that I had gotten hung up on. Me and my friends decided that it had been hit by a car and fell into the water. The body had been ate on by turtles. We’ll never forget that fishing trip. Submitted by: Justin Nails, Athens, AL 11/2000

Deer Calling. A fellow deer hunter was out in his tree stand hunting hard for his first trophy buck, he sat in this stand for the 10 days of deer season. The last day he was getting ready to call it quits when he sees a monster buck, he slowly raises his rifle and gets it in his scope, letting out a deep breath and starting to squeeze the trigger when his cell phone rings and scares the buck away. It was his wife wanting to know if he had seen anything yet. He shot his cell phone into the next county. Submitted by The Hickams 11/2000

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