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Eight…nine Foods to Love in 2008
The Renaissance Gourmet Angela Tunner reports that ‘Cooking Light‘ magazine (quoted in “”) suggests the following 8 foods to love in 2008. (V.C.) suggests adding lots of high protein, low fat and low cholesterol VENISON to your diet!

1. Coffee – because caffeine increases alertness, improves performance and may protect memory. V.C. says, if you have heart palpitations, rethink your caffeine intake.

2. Atlantic salmon – because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which are shown to “lower the risk of fatal heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and cognitive decline.” V.C has heard that, at the grocery store, East Coast salmon is farmed and West Coast is wild.

3. Milk – because its phosphorous and calcium benefits skin and hair. V.C. says…what about bone benefits?

4. Edamame – because its soy protein boosts collagen levels, improving skin elasticity.

5. Kale – because its vitamin K, E, C, and foliate promote strong bones.

6. Dark chocolate and cocoa – because they are good sources of antioxidants.

7. Flaxseed – for its omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber.

8. Eggs – because they are high in calcium and quality protein and “also provide biotin, a structural component of both bone and hair.”