Hunting Sites

If you are traveling by plane or land vehicle, you will have different considerations for your hunting site. By plane, you need more items furnished at the site so traveling isn’t a huge task and a security check nightmare. If you are lucky enough to travel by vehicle, you can carry most of your needs with you. If you have a year ’round lease, you can visit the site several times and set up things just the way you want them from linens to blinds (as in deer blinds and duck blinds).

Whether by plane or land vehicle, pack any prescription medications in carry-on or close by. Always pack an extra day or two of prescription drugs, in their original containers. Shoot!, you may be having so much fun you don’t want to leave, or, who knows, but you will be ready. Most small town pharmacies can give you a pill or two, and even the big chains are accommodating if you have tried to be prepared but get caught short.

Questions to ask your potential hunting location:
Is there a guide required? Hunting bear in Canada…yep, you need a guide! Do you need a hunting license?
Will you be asking me to sign a liability release? Email me a copy.
Email me a picture of the cabin/house, inside and out.
Meals? Catered or do we buy groceries? Are basics like flour, salt, pepper, and sugar provided? Are breakfast supplies provided? Do you have a BBQ unit available? Is there a burn ban in place or can I have a BBQ pit or bon-fire? Is there a fireplace?
Where is the nearest grocery store…restaurant…doctor?
Can I get cell phone service at the location? TV? Internet?
How many ‘guns‘ (hunters) are allowed?

Check out our Organizations” page. Click and look at their websites. Look there for folks who belong to national or international organizations and advertise with them for hunters. Most of these organizations have ethics codes and standards that will make you comfortable in making your choices. And don’t hesitant to call them for a one on one conversation about your expectations and desires.